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Related post: Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2003 14:25:43 +0000 From: Julius Chan bbs xxx boards Subject: Quest from Ancient - Part 1Quest from Ancient ============== Written by: JuliusDisclaimer:The following story illegal fetish bbs is a work of fiction. It is a fantasy that takes bbs dark collections place in the present and the past. It never happened. This story bbs links sex contains sex between men and boys. The author does boylove bbs reply not encourage ls bbs ped sex between adults and children. free sunbbs galleries If world incest bbs you are under the age of 18 or do not amature bbs sexy lola bbs approve of gay sex, or the subject matter is not legal in the area you reside, please do not read further. The author welcomes constructive criticism. I answer all emails. As usual all flames ls bbs xxx will be ignored...Please direct your comments to.livejuliushotmail.comCopyright Notice: This story is the copyright of the author. February, 2003. You may distribute or copy this story however you like. PROVIDED that this copyright notice remains intact.A special thank you goes out to my lover James, for he inspired most of the scenes. Reconcile with zeps bbs lists Thyself ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Being the eldest and the only son in the family, I was burdened with the responsibility fre pix bbs to carry on my child love bbs family line. Everyday seems to drag on and life seems dull and meaningless. free underground teen bbs My dad is a retired police officer and his only fear bbs young hardcore is homosexuals. But life always like to twist fate undesirably, I happen to imageboard bbs porn be the 'thing' my father feared and hated.Being young at 23, I have my needs. And I have bbs teen model pass many experiences since the age of perteen girls bbs 12. Yet, I was never complete. I always felt this hole in my soul, which nothing in piss porn bbs the world can fill. I yearned for the one love, which belongs to me and me only. For 23 years, it never came... that was till a week ago...Sleeping late has always been a routine in my life, cos' I could never fall asleep unless my eyelids are too under teen bbs heavy for me to keep it open. I was falling asleep (or at least think I was) when a voice calls to me."Come... " the whisper hard teen vids bbs seems to be coming from my head."It's time. Follow young bbs portal forum the light." And a dim light shone in front of me."I must have been dreaming." I thought. elwebbs passes I top kids bbs tried to pry my eyes open but realized young tops bbs I was unable to move an inch."Relax. Just follow the babe bbs light." The whisper came again.Then I vombat gallery bbs felt peace, a feeling so remote, I teen mpeg bbs could hardly young bbs modeling girls understand. I gathered my thoughts and 'followed' the light. Amazingly, the light grew in magnitude and I was blinded for a while. Feeling my strengths renewed, I opened my eyes. But I was not in my room. I'm in a garden, filled with sisters kissing incest bbs blooming flowers and a fountain stands in the mid of the garden flowing smoothly. The sky is crystal blue, not a cloud in sight... It's just how I bbs bd sisters galleries imagine dirty collections bbs paradise would be."Welcome..." a figure walked out from behind the fountain."Am I in heaven? Am I dead?" I was happy bbs top underground kds in fact. I never wanted my kind of life to carry on, to always live up to others' expectations. I wanted to end my wretched bbs child model pics life, but then I decide to leave the decision to my maker."No, hungarian teen bbs and far from it. You bbs little girls pedo have arisen once again." The figure walks into the light and I xxx bbs under was shocked. The figure is pre bbs girls me, or it's me during my prime while I was serving the army. 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"Powers? What powers? I'm dreaming, right?" As I speak, my eyes wondered to admire his body again."Many lifes ago, you were bbs ru boys the most kinder bbs xxx porn powerful warlock. Not even bbs dark sex Merlin can be compared to your powers. And that was the beginning of time..." Then as he speaks, he put ls magazine bbs photos his hands on me, which caused me to shudder in delight. Only then I saw that I was naked as well. "You had bbsteen the powers of creation and destruction with just a thought. You were revered bbs guide cp by all man and woman, though your only little nudist bbs concerns were man." A giggle escaped his lips, as he kneeled in front of me and stroking nude child porn bbs my aching 5 inches."You were very bbs girlsex young porno bbs also immortal and time has no hold over you. You had a lover too and led happy life for many centuries." Then for the first time, I saw sadness in his eyes. He then free bbs pussy pics motioned me to lie down, as he straddled me chest free ptsc bbs revealing his huge man-meat to me. And it was huge, full 10 inches long and about 5 inches around. I licked the head hungrily livedoor sports bbs 12449 as he spoke again."But being immortal hardens chast cunt bbs your heart, as you underground bbs top no longer cherish the things you had. Your love saw that you have changed to be cruel and unfeeling. This saddens him a lot. Then free bbs nude list at last, the in evitable thing happened. Your love lola bbs top child cast a spell to end his immortality and chose to be reborn as human and that naked girlfriends bbs you shall not be able to find him till 10,000 lifes bbs forum boy later. You were struck hard. Your heart bleeds and you start to feel lost, pain, and all human feelings rushed into you all at once as if you were never alive. You were gasping for air, and you bbs olitas sex pics realized that a part of you (your heart) has be torn away. bbs pedo kds 10 It was that moment when you decide to follow swedish lo bbs your bbs sexy list heart, your love. Before casting your immortality away, you created me. Imbued with all your comics sex bbs energies lollipops pics bbs and power, I was to be kept locked in the deep abyss of teen nn model bbs your soul till 10,000 lifes later." Then I felt a drop of tear fell onto my face. I imgboard boy bbs ls magazine young bbs raised my hands to hold his face, to steady him.Keeping the weeping in control, he managed a smile, "Dear Lord, it's pedo love tgp bbs time we be as one. bbs rape board Let us begin...""How?" I was definitely aroused model child sexy bbs and though I would very much like to understand what he was magic bbs porn trying to say, I was more interested in servicing his dick."You'll see, ... enjoy." 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I looked up to see his face, it was contorted with lust and duty."I RECEIVE YOU..." I bellowed like I was waiting to usenet tgp bbs say these words for a very long time.Then there was light, and only light. My pain has subsided as my blood lubricated the monster invader. I felt pleasures immeasurable, and intense is not quite the word to describe, it's more than that.As I was enjoying the fuck of my life, images of the past rushed into me.... I was dazzled, yet I still feel the pleasure of the dick as it massages my prostrate. I seemed to 'grow' inside and was at the brim of my orgasm. I llitas bbs feel so nude child bbs photography good..."Oh bbs teen pics yeah, top kidz bbs fuck me baby.... FUCK lil young bbs ME!" I commanded as I lollitas kids bbs raised my butt to meet the monster cock."I'm coming... Arrghh, I'm gonna shoot..... Aahhhhh FUCK!!!", and at the same time I felt him filling my bowels with his hot juices. I must have shot my cum for record time, for lol bbs teen nonude I was spent. I have never been so tired, not even incest bbs tgp when I came 3 times in a row consecutively. The bbs portal cp boy then hold me in his arms gently then he licked my cum from yoda ranchi bbs alexx my body. It feels good,...yeah it does."Jevon was your name... I've done my duty and it's time I pass into nothingness again." He looked into my eyes, I so young boy love bbs much wanted to tell him to stay, but I was too weak. In a fluid motion, he planted a kiss and our tongues met. And he sort of dissipated in the thin air and then swirled like glittering dust and without lol bbs nudism pics notice, it was 'absorbed' into my body. With a shock, I awoke to find myself in my room again. He was gone...End mafiasex kiddy bbs of Chapter 1. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tell me what you think! I hope to bbs lol ls magazin be writing soon, if I'm not too tired from teaching...
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